Navigating New Frontiers:
Senior Management Strategies

This session is tailored specifically for senior management and focuses on high-level business strategies and business models that service providers around the world are considering and adopting to help service providers reach their top-line business goals.

Discussion Topics

• What should service providers be focusing on NOW to compete effectively in 2020? What kind of vision is needed to flourish today and in the immediate future? Differentiation strategies? Investments priorities?

• New forces in the market and their impact on service providers, including OTT, device manufacturers and new customer expectations.

• Building an ecosystem: who, why and how? The growing role of the ecosystem beyond communication services: is there an opportunity? What kind of opportunity? Who is competing for the crown?

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About Us

About Us

The Amdocs Market Insight & Strategy team is dedicated to monitoring the service provider market globally, identifying disruptive market dynamics and trends, and analyzing their impact on service providers. We lead strategic workshops with business executives from service providers around the world, focusing on their pain points and providing examples of how other operators address these issues. These thought leadership sessions support the different stages of the customer relationship cycle, including “opening the door,” scoping, relationship building and supporting the customer during business strategy development.

Have you been to an Amdocs Business Strategy Workshop?

“All men can see this tactics whereby I conquer,but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.”

Sun Tzu, 544 BC-496 BC,
Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher

Our strategy workshops are unique, interactive, business-driven discussions led by Amdocs marketing executives. They provide insights into the direction of the global telecommunications market and recommendations for effective business strategies.

The sessions are intended primarily for senior management, marketing and business audiences who are involved in the definition and execution of their companies’ strategies.

During the workshops, we raise relevant issues, drawing on case studies and examples from service providers across the globe. We discuss how their business strategies have impacted revenues, customer loyalty, brand and competitiveness.

The sessions are tailored to connect business strategies to your specific market focusing on your pain points and business strategies.

What’s In It For You?

A personalized and customized session tailored to your specific market reality, challenges and goals

Effective business strategies and creative ways to increase customer growth and loyalty

Exposure to current industry trends and case studies from service providers around the world, emphasizing growth strategies and their potential impact on customers

Scheduling a Workshop

To set-up a session, please fill the form and choose topics from drop down menu